Quilt your Quilt Top

Create a Custom Quilt for You

Purchase a Completed Quilt

  • Personalize your quilt top with embroidery.

  • We can also make you a special quilt using our embroidery skills.

  • We have over 750 embroidery designs; you name and we can embroider it on your fabric. 

Custom Embroider your Project

Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne 


  • Do you have unfinished quilt tops waiting to be completed? Get them to your loved ones fast by having us complete them.

  • Just send us your quilt top.

  • We do all the complex work while you tell us your desires ...like the quilting design, thread color and due date. 

  • Your friends will be amazed at your quilting skills because you projects will get the love and admiration they desire! 

  • From design to binding, we

        can create an original quilt for           you and your loved ones.

  • Color, fabric, thread and designs are the exciting part of the process. 

  • Let us help bring your creativity to a reality.

  • Need a gift or comfy quilt   immediately? We have your covered.


  • Just let us know (a) the color preference, (b) style ...traditional, contemporary, and (c) size. We can get you a quilt for your loved ones.