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​​​​​​​​Pricing for Quilting

Quilting only: Quilting edge to edge is a flat fee (any design) where you provide the quilt top and I complete the quilting: Baby quilt ($25), throw quilt or twin ($45), full or queen ($65), king ($85).

Make the entire quilt: I will make the entire quilt: Baby quilt ($90), throw ($125), twin ($150), full ($200), queen ($250), king ($300).

Tee-shirt quilts (you provide the shirts, I provide the fabric and batting): throw or twin ($160), queen ($225), king ($290).  

Custom quilting depends on the complexity of the designs desired. 

Once the client agrees upon the quilting, a 50% deposit is required. Payment by PayPal or check will be accepted. 

How to Pick a Quilt Design

There is no "right or wrong" design. If your quilt top has angles, a designs with circles to add flow. If your quilt top has a children's theme, you may want a whimsical design. Regardless of your selection, remember that your quilt is made with love. The design will enhance your quilt top. 

Pricing of Batting

You may supply your own batting if you desire.

If you want Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne to supply the batting, the cost is $8.00/yard for cotton. You may obtain a specialized batting upon request (e.g., bamboo). 


Superior brand thread is used on quilts. Thread is free of charge to the customer (typically a $10 value). The client provides the top three desired colors of thread (e.g., pale blue, light blue, white). If there is a question of the the color (for example, what is the difference between pale blue and light blue) I will email the client for further explanation. The top three colors help Beautiful Longarm Quilting obtain the client's most desirable color of thread. 

How to Prepare Your Quilt Top for Shipping

When preparing your quilt top for shipping to Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne, it is wise to enclose the quilt in plastic e. g., clear plastic bag). This will guarantee the quilt will not be ruined if the box becomes wet from the weather. Do not mark the outside of the box as valuable or as a quilt. 

How to Place an Order with Beautiful Longarm Quilting

1) Measure and write down the quilt top width and length.

2) Cut (or cut and piece) backing of quilt a total of 6 inches longer and 6 inches wider than the quilt top. This means there will be 3 inches extra on each side of the back of the quilt compared to the front of the quilt.

3) Select a quilting design from those located on the left hand side of your screen.

4) Select your top three thread color preferences.  

5) Email Marianne Bickle (owner and quilter) at In the email message, provide me with the information on items #1-4 (above). I will provide you with (a) price on the cost for quilting and (b) turn around time.

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Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne 

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