The most popular quilts requested:

  • tee-shirt quilts (size varies depending upon the number and size of the tee-shirts
  • lap quilts (approximately 50 inches x 60 inches) 
  • baby quilts

A commissioned quilt means that you

select the style, size and design. In other words, you obtain a quilt that fits your style and is completely unique. 


"I loved her ideas and designs. Her skills are superb. The quilt turned out fabulous."  Pam S., Redford, MI


"I don't know how to thank you for the beautiful quilts that you created from my mom's tee-shirts. Every night that I cuddle in the quilt I am flooded with memories of her. You provided me with a gift that I will never be able to repay". 

Jessica C., Columbia SC. 

"My sister presented me with a quilt that was made by Marianne Bickle.  What a surprise!  The quilt was done in my favorite colors, black and red, and it is beautiful!  The quality and craftsmanship that went into my “new warmer” was absolutely beautiful!  And, even better, it clearly states “Cathi’s Quilt” right on the top!  I don’t have to share with anyone!  Loved it!   What a fantastic gift idea; a personalized quilt!!" Cathi C., Lexington, SC. 

Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne 

If you want to preserve memories in a unique, memorable, and beautiful way, I highly recommend a hand-crafted quilt by Marianne. My daughter, who is now in law school, had saved a treasure-trove of t-shirts from her high school days. She couldn't bear to part with them but didn't know how she could enjoy them, Hence, they remained in a plastic tub for 5 years! Marianne created the most amazing quilt, incorporating all of my daughter's treasured t-shirts. I gave her the quilt for Christmas, and she told me it will be the lasting memory from this year and that the quilt will be something she will cherish for the rest of her life. All of the t-shirts had such meaning for her, and now she can enjoy reliving those memories each time she looks at the beautiful quilt. Words cannot convey the joy that the quilt has created. Our daughter calls it her "memory keeper!"  Sallie B., Columbia SC