Longarm Quilting


    I quilt on a Babylock Crown Jewel         Longarm machine in a smoke-free,       pet-free environment. I am able to       quilt tops as small as a wall

    hanging to a king size quilt. 

    Your quilt top will be completed

    with care and love. As a quilter, I

    understand the time, energy and         passion you placed into piecing the

    quilt top. I will put the same time

    and attention into completing your


    I also offer quilts for sale.

Owner and quilter:            Marianne Bickle

Columbia SC 



beautifulquilting@gmail.com     803-361-0730   PO  Box 8334 Columbia SC 29202

New website name represents expanded embroidery services!

About Marianne


     I am an avid quilter and crafter.

     I learned how to sew when I was        9 years old. The completion of             projects brings joy to my heart

      and peace to my soul.


      Another joy is helping others see       the beauty in fabrics, patterns           and their projects. My quilting

      business helps me share joy with

      others as well as bring harmony

      to my life. 


Beautiful Quilting and Embroidery by Marianne 

Creativity. Passion.

Expertise. Experience.


     Quilts typically take 3-6

     weeks from the time they

     arrive in Columbia SC. I

     will email you when the

     quilt arrives and notify

     you when the quilt is

     being sent back to you.